Do It Expert

Date: Nov 24th 20
Do it Expert

Do It Expert

Do It this is a full compliance with the FIFO method !

The DEFAULT settings are for EURUSD H1 and GMT=3 (summer time) DST=None 

The trading system is suitable both for experienced traders and beginners !    

  • DO IT Expert uses only pending orders on the broker's server, which initially reduces the degree of risk through delays and slippages.
  • The System has a built-in protection against increased broker Slippage
  • DOIT Has a built-in protection against large broker Spreads
  • The trading system Does Not leave Deals on Weekends
  • Each trade has a FIXED StopLoss, each Deal observes the expiration time. Each deal contains protection against Slippages and Spread Fluctuations in the Market.
  • DO IT System trades during certain working hours when the market is most profitable!
  • The trading system uses a searching mechanism for the most concentrated prices in the market, it allows you to predict the behavior of the market by 95% !

Input parameters


  • Allowable broker spread - Acceptable spread
  • Allowable broker slippage - Acceptable slippage
  • Broker GMT - fixed broker GMT (summer time GMT=3)
  • Show Info Panel - Show Panel

D E P O S I T    L O A D 

  • RISK - Deposit Loading for one transaction
  • Fixed Lot Size - Fixed Lot size (If RISK=FIXED_LOT)
  • Fixed StopLoss - Fixed StopLoss
  • Enable Virtual StopLoss - Virtual StopLoss
  • Protection Of False Breakouts - Additional protection against false levels

S M A R T    T R A I L I N G    S T O P 

  • Enable Fixed Profit  - Enable First Fixed Profit for each transaction
  • Fixed Profit for deal - Fixed Minimum Profit for Each trade (without slipping)
  • Fixed Profit Step - Price Deviation from the first profit
  • Trailing Start Profit - Minimum Profit to Start Trailing Profit
  • Trailing Step - Trailing step
  • Enable Virtual Trailing - Enable Virtual Trailing 


  • Loop mode at a sharp Jump in profits - Enable Loop mode for Profit Taking
  • Net profit value for loop Triggering - Minimum profit required to activate the mode
  • Percentage of Profit - The percentage of the profits
  • The Percentage of Profits for a Loop - The percentage increment during compression of the profits

R E C O V E R Y     M O D E 

  • Use Recovery Mode - Activating recovery mode
  • Use AVERAGE Profit - Use the average profit from all orders
  • Use MAIN Order StopLoss - Use StopLoss from the very first order
  • AVERAGE Profit - Minimum profit to activate the trailing of orders
  • Distance between orders - Distance between orders
  • Maximum number of orders - Maximum allowed number of orders
  • Multiplier - Transaction multiplier ( optional Default=False )

R E C O V E R Y     L O O P 

  • Percentage of Profit - The percentage of profit for the Trailing multiple orders
  • Increment Percentage of Profits - Percentage of deferred profit compression
  • Recovery Trailing Step - The trailing step, the average position
  • Min Percentage of Profit - Minimum percentage of profit taking after increment

D E V I A T I O N 

  • Step Moving BUY -  deviation for BUY trades
  • Step Moving SELL  - deviation for SELL trades
  • Step Distance for BUY  - accepted channel deviation for BUY trades
  • Step Distance for SELL  - accepted channel deviation for SELL trades
  • Deviation for BUY -  horizontal market offset for BUY trades
  • Deviation for SELL - horizontal market offset for SELL trades

W O R K I N G    H O U R S 

  • Monday start hour - start time Monday morning
  • Friday stop hour - end time Friday night
  • Start hour - daily trading start time
  • End hour - daily trading end time

O P T I M I Z A T I O N  

  • Period ATR BUY -  ATR period to optimize the orders of the BUY type

  • Parabolic Step BUY -  Parabolic step to optimize BUY orders

  • Period ATR SELL - ATR period to optimize SELL orders

  • Parabolic Step SELL - Parabolic step to optimize SELL orders

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